CANNED is a new artist run magazine of contemporary art and critical dialogue which emerged from the NewBridge Project in Newcastle upon Tyne. It is an innovative publication of articles, reviews and interviews by writers, artists and cultural critics from a range of backgrounds and disciplines. CANNED seeks to promote a greater synergy between art and writing by supporting cross-media conversation, exchange and collaboration.

CANNED extols content that pushes, explores and challenges art criticism, generating sophisticated controversy and widespread debate that is forward thinking in its content, delivery and distribution. CANNED provides a platform for dialogue and promotion of artists and writers at all stages of their careers; from emerging and local to long standing and internationally renowned.

The Second edition of the Magazine, published in conjunction with the Turner Prize 2011 in Gateshead, took the impetus of bridging artists from various stages of their careers as the basis for both its form and content. This edition published debut articles from young art commentators in the region alongside interviews and reviews by established writers and artists such as the 2008 Turner Prize winner Mark Leckey.

In the third and most recent edition of the magazine Issue 3 Collaboration, Exchange and Collective Action CANNED facilitated exchanges including Peinture Abstraite – a collaboration between NewBridge artists Thomas Whittle and Holly Watson with the Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren, culminating in the exclusive CANNED 3 centrefold and a thoughtful essay by Watson. Similarly in May 2012 CANNED hosted the three daylong event A NewBridge Enquiry. Devised and curated by the artists Andrew Wilson and Toby Lloyd A NewBridge Enquiry generated a wealth of critique, conversations and exchanges between artists, the public and other interested bodies. Some of these conversations – encompassing conflicting opinions and perspectives on the social efficacy of art – were then continued in Issue 3 through the four-way discursive essay A NewBridge Enquiry: the Politics of Participation and the Act of Invitation.

This approach to generating content and challenging, far reaching discourse is something which the CANNED team hope to advance in future publications through collaborations both within the region and beyond to other national and international artists, writers and institutions.